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February 5, 2019

Graduation on the mind? Everything you need to know about Grad Announcements

Okay… so you’re almost there.  All the years of hard work are finally paying off and graduation day is in sight.  Now, how should you go about announcing this accomplishment to all of your family and friends?

After we finish up your senior portraits, and you have received your gorgeous gallery, we can get to designing and ordering your grad announcements!

There are so many reasons to send out a grad announcement.  Yeah, mom and dad are over the moon for this momentous occasion but guess what… you should be too!  Sure, those people who see you every day obviously know but those who don’t will definitely appreciate the gesture.  These announcements turn into keepsakes for those close to you being framed and displayed in their homes or offices.  This is a great way to show your gratitude to those who have helped mold you and push you along the way.

Your parents are so excited about your accomplishments so if you don’t do it for yourself, be sure to do it for them.  These announcements should be sent to anyone your family would typically send a holiday card to.  This is a great starting point when you are creating your guest list.  It is important to include anyone who has impacted your academic career.  Here is a list of people to think about including:

  • Parents and other important family members (grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, ect)
  • Friends
  • Tutors, teachers, coaches
  • Yourself!  (Yeah, I said it.  You’re going to want to be sure to keep one to look back on for years to come

But let’s think a little bigger.  I mean, you are about to adult… big time.

Grad announcements can also be a great marketing tool.  Think about sending these little gems to your parent’s friends or family members who may be in a field you are interested in.  Sending a personal correspondence like this will also help build your contact list.  While you may not realize the importance of this now, you’ll be happy you’ve taken these steps in the near future when you start looking at networking and internships.

So you’re convinced now right?  But what should you print on such an important little announcement?  Everything you do will reflect your personal brand.  (Yes, you are the face of your brand.  Whether this is in interviews for jobs, schools, or scholarships, or you putting your best self forward online through your blog!)  The wording on your announcement should be in line with your personality and style.  This is the beginning of a long line of correspondence.  If done correctly, this can make an impact on the receiving end.  You want your announcement to be easy to read but unique to you. (#branding)  Along with the obvious details, your graduation announcement can include an inspirational quote or saying to set the tone for the celebrations that are to follow. 

Above all you want this announcement to be clear and straight-forward.  Definitely show your excitement through the word choice so it doesn’t come off “stuffy”.  Be sure to include the following details: 

  • Full Name
  • Year of Graduation
  • Name of the School you’re graduating from
  • Honors
  • Date of your official graduation

So you’ve done the work.  The pictures: gorgeous.  The grad cards: sleek + ready to go.  Now all you need to do is mail your announcements… but when?  You should send out your grad cards at least two to three weeks prior to your graduation.  This will give your guests time to receive the announcements and those with invitations will have time to RSVP early.   (This gives those invited time to make travel arrangements!)  For those who are not invited to the actual event and just receiving an announcement (space is always incredibly limited), feel free to send your grad cards anywhere from 2 weeks prior to your graduation to 4 weeks after.  Just don’t wait too long after graduation, as you want them involved in all the excitement in real time.

Haven’t scheduled your senior portraits/grad images yet? Don’t worry there is still time. Head over to my contact form and shoot me an email for available 2019 spring dates! I cannot wait to capture your #snsz!

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