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June 20, 2018

Social Media for Branding: The Platforms Available + How to Use Them Effectively

Social media is no easy ally.  It can be an amazing tool when used effectively but where do you start?  I am going to break down four of the different platforms available to you and how to can use them to leverage your business.


Under utilized by businesses.  This is a great platform to reach a younger audience and build your brand following.  Think of why you benefit your customers and give them tricks and tips to help them daily.  Because the stories disappear after 24 hours, creating valuable content daily will help to keep your brand fresh to consumers.

To reach these consumers they need to know that you are on snapchat.  The best way to do this is to use your other platforms to inform them!  Add a call to action and have them subscribe to get tips, or exclusive information you only share on snapchat such as discounts and promo codes.

Promote your product launch on snapchat!  People may not check your website daily but I bet they will check snapchat.  This helps provide exclusive access to your followers.  If you post relevant content consumers will pay attention.  With features that allow you to add a link to a story, you can then drive those followers back to your website.


Facebook is a great social media platform to learn about and build your target audience.  With a Facebook business page you can obtain useful information with Facebook Insights.  This is an inside view about what your fans are interacting with and when they are doing it.

Genuine connections on social media help to humanize your brand.  One-on-one conversations with consumers help build a community where fans can share experiences and comments not only with you but with other consumers.  This community will be your loyal following that will continue to help you grow!

Promote your business on Facebook with relevant content and help your SEO while growing a loyal fan base.  Your competitors are doing it… why aren’t you?


Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites and for good reason.  Being a visual platform, Instagram helps you share videos and images of you, your employees, and your fans using your product.  Use your creative side and put together unique stories to help boost sales and promote events.

Another way to reach potential consumers and fans is to collaborate with other like-minded brands.  With a direct messaging feature, it has never been easier to send a message to a fellow business or influencer to help boost each other’s reach.

Your first 9 square are like your storefront.  Make sure they make sense, are on brand, and most importantly are visually pleasing.


Twitter is like the hyperactive friend.  It is never stale and always jumping from subject to subject.  So why is this helpful for your business?  Simple.

Consumers like real time, up to date information.  Twitter enables you to discover what is happening around the world right now.  As a business, you can search relevant content and jump in whenever you feel you can add value.  Communication is key and will help build your brand awareness and attract new followers.

Twitter allows you the opportunity to reach people outside of your immediate network and connect with them.  The ability to join and contribute to conversations with industry experts raises your value and builds lasting connections.

Consumers love twitter because it allows them the opportunity to reach you 24/7.  When you respond quickly and efficiently to your fans, they will appreciate it and sing your praises to their friends and family.  Customer service on twitter helps build your reputation with current and potential customers and collaborators.

image of myrtle beach portrait photographer for social media branding

I hope this helps give you an overview of each of these platforms.  Make a social media schedule and stick to it!  If you can only effectively commit to one, then thats fine.  Consistency is key to build a loyal following.  Your followers will come back daily to get information when presented properly.  Use as many social media platforms as you can handle but nomatter what, be sure to show up consistently for your fans.

Pro Tip:  You should not use the same post across all platforms.  You need to tailor each post to the platform it is being presented on!  Creating content for an entire week at a time will help to streamline this process.  I use a simple schedule to help keep me organized and on track.  You can download my social media scheduler for free here!

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