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June 9, 2018

Professional Headshots | Why You Should Brand Yourself for Business

What do your professional headshots say about you and your business?  When you run a business, your face is directly associated with your brand.  You want to be sure you are presenting yourself to your targeted audience in a way that will coincide with your branding.  Research shows that your brain will recognize a face even if it cannot remember key details such as your name or profession.  There may be hundreds of people in your field but there is only one you.  Be sure that you stand out from the competition.

Maybe you are unaware of the reach your professional headshot has on a daily basis.  Your face will be seen on your website, Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Resume, Business cards and so on.  (If you are not utilizing social media for your business you should be!  Check out why here!)  Think about what your photo looks like now.  If you were a consumer, would this image appeal to you?  Does it speak to your overall branding?

I know what you are thinking.  Business is expensive enough as is so why should I invest in a professional headshot?  Here’s the thing, your investment will produce more than you will spend on it.  This photo is what helps brand yourself to potential clients.  Consumers will visit your site and study your face.  Do you look trustworthy and professional?  Professional photographers are trained to bring out genuine emotion and personality through your images.  They will position you in flattering ways and give you a gallery with various options.  Professionalism, that’s what you are investing in.

New photos will not only give you fresh content but keep you up to date.  In a world that changes every minute, this is important to a consumer.  If my headshot was from 10 years ago chances are my clients will not recognize me today.  I may love the picture however it is irrelevant to my current business and branding.  Do you often buy from businesses that seem dated or ones that look fresh and innovative?

Here’s why my sessions are unique.  I don’t believe a headshot on its own is worth anything without creative and intentional branding.  Cue Branding Sessions.  This all inclusive session will not only have your walking away with updated professional headshots, but also images of your business and product to utilize on your social media platforms and website.

Social media is an amazing marketing tool when used correctly.  You are literally reaching millions of people all over the world in seconds.  Let that set in for a minute.  While you are one face in the sea of billions that use social media, there is a lot of noise.  To be effective your imagery needs to help you stand out.

According to Disruptive Advertising, 59% of adults between 18 and 29 are using Instagram.  The average person spends about 20 minutes on Facebook or one in every six minutes a person will spend online, while 86% of women will look at social media before deciding to make a purchase. The stats go on and on.  So tell me, are your images making you stand out or are you part of the noise?

professional realtor headshots myrtle beach sc

female professional headshot myrtle beach sc


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