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High End High School Senior Portraits | Myrtle Beach, SC | The Grand Strand

May 6, 2017

The Senior Tribe 2018 | Myrtle Beach, SC Senior Photographer

Can you feel the excitement?!  It’s that timMyrtle Beach SC High School Seniorse of year again!  You know, my favorite time.. the one filled with High School Senior Applications to be apart of the LiLee Photography Senior Tribe.  I know you are wondering why should you take advantage of this unique opportunity.  Below are a few reasons why this will impact your senior year in a way you couldn’t have imagined.

1. Images to last a lifetime.  Senior year is filled with exciting life events.  Think Prom, Graduation, College Visits.  This time flies by and we forget that this is also the last time most of you will live at home, or around your childhood friends.  Having these images Myrtle Beach SC High School Seniorsthroughout your senior year is a great way to preserve and enjoy this last year before you embark on your new journey.

2. Multiple boutique styled sessions.  I offer a few different options when it comes to High School Senior Portraits.  When you are apart of The Senior Tribe, you are given the opportunity to partake in multiple boutique styled sessions without paying for each individual session.  These boutique sessions include your hair, makeup and wardrobe.  This means that while you have friends who got one session during the year, you will receive at least 4 highly styled shoots!

Myrtle Beach SC High School Seniors

3. Exclusive Tribe Events.  Think parties, events + group styled sessions.  My tribe is made up of some incredible High School Seniors and that should be celebrated.

Myrtle Beach SC High School Seniors

Interested in being apart of this amazing experience?  The process is super easy.  Fill out the form below and then follow my Facebook and Instagram accounts to ensure that you don’t miss any announcements regarding the selection process.
XO, Lisa

Myrtle Beach SC High School Seniors

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