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High End High School Senior Portraits | Myrtle Beach, SC | The Grand Strand

April 7, 2017

High School Senior Portraits: What They Are + Why You Need Them | Myrtle Beach, SC Photography

High School Senior Portraits girl in the city
High School Senior portraits today are not what we once remember.  They didn’t used to be such a big deal.  You went in to your local portrait studio, put on the drape and snapped the photo.  Maybe you brought in two other outfits to show your extracurricular activities and personality but that was about it.  You went, photographed, ordered, and the photo still sits proudly on your parents mantle.  End of the experience.  Fast forward to today…

High School Senior Portraits aren’t just an image to be put on a mantle anymore.  These images have become a milestone.  We are now celebrating this phase in life very differently than we did in previous years.  Senior Year will have a ton of different milestones all in a short period of time and you want to be able to look back at those images and remember those moments vividly.

Senior year is typically this last year that you will be in the same locations as all your friends you grew up with.  It will be the last time you really live at home with your parents.  Even when you come back to visit on breaks from college, it won’t quite ever be the same as it once was.  This is the year when you realize you are on the brink of greatness.  You have realized that you are about to embark on an incredible journey and let’s be honest, that can be crazy exciting and a little nerve wracking.  Your life is about to change as you venture out into the world and see it different than you ever have before, which is why documenting your life as it is right now is so very important.

This session should be treated as important as you would treat a newborn session or a wedding.  It is incredibly important that you find the right photographer who’s personality, style, and experience truly fits who you are.  If you don’t feel comfortable with who you’ve hired, it will show in your images.  This session should be something you look back on with fond memories, not you putting on a drape going through the motions.

High School Senior Portraits Girl on benchWhen finding the right photographer it is easy for us to try and compare dollar to dollar what is offered.  The problem with this is, the investment that you are making in your photographer isn’t based solely on the price tag.  There are a lot of different aspects that go into pricing such as style, experience and their unique approach.  Take a moment and have a conversation with those you are comparing.  Do you mesh?  More importantly, does your child feel comfortable?  Being in front of a camera can be super intimidating for anyone so minimize the fear and embrace the enjoyment by pairing yourself with a photographer that you love!

A few other tips for finding the right photographer for your High School Senior Portraits:
1. Everyone has a budget.  If you are in love with someone’s style, but the price seems high, I would still encourage you to reach out and speak with them.  You never know what is being offered unless you ask.
2. Make sure to schedule your session early!  Availability is one of the biggest issues when scheduling so getting your name on the books as soon as possible will ensure you are good to go without any added stress.

High School Seniors today (especially girls!) want to participate in their session.  I love taking the time to speak individually with my seniors.  We will discuss everything from clothes, to makeup, to trends, to personal style.  My end goal is to produce a highly styled, gorgeous image that looks and feels like you.  In 10 years you will look back and smile at your high school senior portraits because we worked together to capture the essence of you in that moment.

So Cheers to Senior Year + All the Amazing Adventures to Come!


High School Senior Portraits Girl near Water

Lisa Lee is a High School Senior Portrait Photographer based in Myrtle Beach, SC and available for hire worldwide.

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